Helping you to reduce your CO2 emissions.

reduce co2 emissions

Each European Union Member State has been given a target to reduce their CO2 emissions by 20% by the year 2020. We can all work together to try to reduce our CO2 emissions, here are our top tips!

Keep your car clutter free. Extra weight can increase your fuel consumption and reduce your cars workload, if you keep your car clutter free you will reduce your CO2 emissions.

Check your tyre pressure regularly and keep them inflated to the level advised by your car manufacturer, under inflated tyres can increase your CO2 emissions.

Have your car serviced on a regular basis as a serviced engine is more efficient, using less fuel and producing less CO2 emissions.

Drive your car properly and watch the road ahead, slowing down gradually creates less CO2. Driving at lower speeds can help reduce your emissions, driving at 50 mph you could be using up to 15% less fuel than you would driving at 70 mph. Using your gears properly and avoiding revving the engine unnecessarily will reduce your CO2 emissions.

If you are going to be idling the car for more than 3 minutes switch it off, save fuel and reduce your emissions.

If we all make the small changes, together we can make a difference!

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