September 30, 2014

How To Dispose Of Used Tyres Properly

Tyres are probably one of the most consumed articles on this planet and compounded with the fact that they are replaced very often during the entire life of a vehicle.

Tyres are probably one of the most consumed articles on this planet and compounded with the fact that they are replaced very often during the entire life of a vehicle. Currently, there are billions of tyres in various warehouses and homes around the globe waiting to be disposed of properly. If you have some of these at your home, please be reminded that these are actually a hazard. A single tyre can house thousands of mosquitoes which can cause malaria and they can even help ignite fires.

Other hazards include the following:

  • If thrown into landfills, they eat up a lot of space. When these are piled up, it catches methane gas that could possibly burst and affect other areas of the landfill and pollute soil surface or ground water.
  • If stored in wet areas, zinc and other toxic elements used in the manufacturing process of tyres might contact with other dangerous elements and seep through the grounds increasing the chance of ground water pollution.
  • If piled up in yards, it does not only attract mosquitoes but rats as well and become breeding grounds of infectious diseases.
  • If you burn tyres to get rid of them, you contribute in polluting the environment.

Local Ordinances Governing Tyre Disposal

With those above mentioned hazards, there is nothing to do but dispose of them properly. To help you on this matter, kindly check your local government agencies and check local ordinances with regard to disposing unused and worn out tyres. Local authorities have assigned government agencies to take care of this in terms of:

  • Types of articles they can accommodate to dispose properly
  • Schedule of disposals
  • Location of disposals
  • Methods of disposals
  • Registration for disposal
  • Disposal fees
  • Reporting of dump areas on illegal disposal of tyres
  • Rules and Regulations on disposals
  • Penalties of irregular and illegal disposals.

Personal Initiatives

In some cases, you do not have to rely on government authorities to help you dispose of tyres properly. You can do the following initiatives to unload local authorities of additional burden with regard to this.

  • Contact craft centers that are in need of used tyres for their special projects.
  • Contact organizations that recycle or reuse tyres of all sizes.
  • Contact toy companies that also recycle rubber from tyres.
  • Search for local recycling agencies and centers in your area or places near to you.
  • Contact local environment protection groups. They can provide you lists of individuals and organizations advocating the proper disposal.
  • Learn to reuse by searching the internet for ideas. Some people have used them as vases, mats, rockers, tables, chairs, and garden accessories.

One method that most car owners ignored when it comes to the proper disposal is through their tyre dealers. Yes, a lot of them actually buy worn out or damage and unused tyres and car owners will just add some more money to exchange it for new ones. Make your home environment hazard free and help dispose of tyres properly

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